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At Blissway, we connect Humans and Technology for better tomorrow…

Blissway International Corp (BVI) Ltd is a British Virgin Islands registered organization that is operated in Singapore. Since inception in 2007, Blissway have served many international organizations by providing consultation services and sourcing & supply of innovative technologies and specialized products. The products sources and supplied by the company includes National Passports, National Secure Identity Documents, Minting of Circulation Coins, Software Application Solutions for Secure Payments, Mobile Payment Gateways, Secure Document Management and Workflow Solutions, ERP Solutions, Manufacturing Process Automation Solutions, Infrastructure Maintenance Management Applications, etc.

Scope of Business of Blissway International Corp. (BVI) Ltd.

  • Provide Technology and Specialized Products to international Organizations.
  • Provide various services to local and foreign organizations or personnel such as consultation evaluation and assessment of business opportunities evaluation and assessment of investment opportunities and make recommendations.
  • Undertake project feasibility studies market research development of business and marketing plans marketing services such as development of promotional and advertising campaigns product development etc.
  • Evaluate market potential of different technology innovations and source procure and supply Technology Solutions including IP Rights of sourced products to industry players internationally.
  • Procure resources such as products and services on behalf of the foreign and local clients who seek services of the company.
  • Undertake to carry out marketing and promotional campaigns on behalf of foreign and local clients.
  • Undertake and carry out training programs for the employees or/and stakeholders of the clients’ organizations.
  • Accept and hold “Promoters’ Shares” as service fees from the clients who obtain services from the company.
  • Invest in business ventures in local and foreign markets.
  • Engage in General Trading business.
  • Act as Consultants and brokers for developing business relationships or joint investments between parties internationally.
  • Act as an agent and/or local representative of foreign or local investors or investing companies.

The Corporate Management

Mr. Janos Gyorgy Friss

Mr. Bryan Teh
General Manager/CFO

Head of Operations

Equiom Fiduciary Services Pte. Ltd.
Corporate Secretarial

Head of Marketing & Business Development